Are Tefal pans safe?

Are Tefal pans safe?

Tefal products are reliable and safe for you and the environment! Tefal guarantees clean, non-toxic coatings. Tefal products comply with the strictest public health standards, including European Directives 1935/2004 and Food and Drug Administration Directive- CFR 21.1798. 1550.

Is Tefal cookware toxic?

Tefal was the first to use PTFE as the main component of its non-stick coatings. Public Health Authorities in Europe and in the United States have demonstrated that PTFE is an inert substance with no effect on health, even in the case of ingestion. These authorities have confirmed the health safety of PTFE.

Is Tefal PFOA free?

Beyond the regulatory requirements for all our coatings (PFOA FREE, LEAD FREE and CADMIUM FREE) , regular checks are conducted by a number of independent laboratories.

Is it safe to cook with Tefal?

Health agencies have raised concerns about the compound PFOA, which was previously used to make Teflon. However, Teflon has been PFOA-free since 2013. Today’s nonstick and Teflon cookware is completely safe for everyday home cooking, as long as temperatures do not exceed 500°F (260°C).

Do TFAL pans have Teflon?

What exactly is it? PTFE (polytetrafluorethylene) is a polymer that we, at T-fal, were the first to use for the coatings of our non-stick pans. We guarantee the safety of all our PTFE based products and coatings.

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